My journey

A little about moi, Françoise Prandi 🙂


I am so incredibly passionate about mental and physical wellness. In fact, I became so fascinated by the sensational engineering of our minds and bodies that this led me to study biomedicine and nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine a few years back.

My studies really enlightened me to how uneducated I was and has consequently helped me make better choices, educated decisions to pass onto my children and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle.

However this has not always been the case, I have in the past been a lot bigger than I am today but also a lot, lot thinner. This was mainly due to the lifestyle I was leading at the time. I had landed this incredible job as air hostess for Japan Airlines when I moved to England at the age of 19. With repetitive long haul flights and with it being incredibly physically demanding whilst being on my feet for at least 18 hours at a time, I did not quite adjust accordingly with my diet.

I was spending so much time in hotels, so little time at home and living on my own home, I consequently ate very little and on the go.


At the age of 23, I suffered the devastating consequences of my poor diet. My reproductive system shut down, a scan revealed that my bone density was extremely low and that I was at risk of osteoporosis. This is normally a condition which can develop post menopause when your bones become porous and brittle. This essentially means that they can break at any given time anywhere in your body whilst walking or going up a set of stairs. This of course could eventually lead to spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair.

I also suffered from severe insomnia and acute depression.

Worst of all, at the age of 23, I received the devastating news that I would never be able to have any children.

There is however a very happy ending to this story as, a few years later, I gave birth to these two incredible crazy creatures!


It was a long journey back to health but I knew that I needed to focus on where it all started and that was with food focusing on putting the right fuel in my body.

I therefore believe that all of us can lead healthier lifestyles by making small but powerful changes with what and how we eat.

There is however a very important element of supplementing your body for your needs in order to reach optimum wellness. My personal product of choice is Ringana. In fact, I recommend this product so highly that I have become an independent partner:

I am also on a crusade now towards veganism although still a little flexitarian at this stage and will be sharing my insights along the way in this blog.

I have become so conscious of my impact on the environment and we have to all take charge to make sure that our future generations inherit a better world. Once again, I will be sharing the small changes which I have made which you may want to chose to make too!

With all of us making small changes, we can make a big difference and it is very important for me to bring together a community of like minded people. People who have decided to take charge!

As part of my wonderful journey, Ringana enables me to use nutritional supplements produced fresh on order as well as 100% vegan cosmetics.

There is always something really special when you fall in love with a brand and you want to spread the word to the world! This is what happened to me with these products. They have really made a significant difference to my wellbeing particularly when it comes to my sleep and energy levels.