What we don’t know…

In the section How can we be healthy?, we looked at the basics of what the body needs.

There is however so much we also do not know and it is actually quite terrifying…

Let’s go back in time a little to put it into context.



Only just over 50 years ago, our doctors, the ones we trust with our health, were recommending which brand of cigarettes we should be smoking but we also could see them featuring in advertisements!

You could find slogans such as: “This is it, L&M filters are just what the doctors ordered!” Found here

Babies were also in advertisements: “Before you scold me Mom, maybe you’d better light up a Marlboro” Found here

In fact, just only under 30 years ago when I was working as an air hostess, you could smoke on the plane. The cabin crew could be seen smoking in the galley, including myself as I was an addicted smoker from a very young age.

The key word here is “addicted” because it makes big bucks. Cigarettes were cheap, it felt good, it was easy, they claimed it was good for you and it was a good companion in times of stress.

Now is however a different story, the same message is spread across the world:


The new slogan: “Smoking kills”

Only now, cigarettes have been replaced by artificially manufactured food products. These are just like smoking cheap, make you feel good when consuming them, they are easy, convenient, some are claimed to be good for you like diet products, they can be a good companion in times of stress AND they are highy addictive =



  • Sugar
  • Processed food and junk food
  • Artificial ingredients

Just like cigarette brands used to, gigantic corporations are using incredibly powerful marketing techniques.

Coca Cola is the leading example of mass sugar consumption. Sugar is highly addictive, converts into fat and ruins your teeth. In fact, sugar consumption has become such an issue that the UK government is going to introduce a levy in 2018. So many very young children are undergoing general anaesthetic to have their teeth removed. Added to that, there is of course the impact of being overweight leading to various diseases.

Coca Cola’s slogan: “Sharing is caring”

McDonalds provides happy meals, apparently.

We then have the diet industry with manufactured ingredients such as E numbers, aspartame or monosodium glutamate to colour and taste to what would otherwise be inedible.

The fact is that we simply do not know YET what effect these products are having on our bodies just like we did not know the devastation cigarettes were going to cause.

Whilst we have such a growing number of cancer, allergies and diseases, is it really worth taking the chance?…

Why not try and stick as much as possible to what we know keeps us healthy: How can we be healthy?