Here are some testimonials from some of my dear clients:

“In late 2016 I was looking for a coach to help me improve personally and professionally as I was unsure of the next step on my career and felt less confident as a result of it this was when I found Francoise and she started coaching me.

Francoise is a fantastic coach and a great listener that helps you find your path -throughout this journey I have felt my confidence improving and my goals becoming clearer.

I find Francoise to be great at helping you understand the wider picture, making you think positively and create a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.

I can definitely recommend Francoise as a coach.” Patricia Nunes

“Francoise has been coaching me both within a professional and a personal capacity on an adhoc basis for a few years now and throughout various changes and challenges in both my professional and personal life.

Francoise is effortless to work with and our sessions bring me an instant sense of resolve and I quickly feel more grounded and focused as a result too.

For me, a Coach is not solely effective based on professional qualifications but, as importantly, based on their ability to connect with those that they are coaching. Francoise’s style and approach would compliment all individuals she has a strong sense of self and is incredibly perceptive so seems to adapt her coaching style with ease and according to the individual and situation.

It is clear that Francoise genuinely cares about the effectiveness of her coaching and this becomes more apparent through her active listening and her focus for results from our every session.

In my career to date, my roles have typically lead me to focus on others rather than focusing on myself and as a consequence I sometimes find it hard to answer questions about myself or / and to share information about myself and my situation. Talking with Francoise however I always find myself sharing anything and everything which is the key reason for my belief in her as a coach. She is without a doubt in the right line of work and I am excited to see how her journey progresses.” Katie Poulsen

“In limited time, Françoise has not only enabled me to realise and articulate my goals but also provided me with tools to maintain focus on these goals. With this, I have become more confident and successful in achieving my goals not just to dream. Tamara Smith