Something you body will love first thing in the morning…

I have started my day the same way for years now. With my body working hard regenerating overnight, I love to give it something to boost it before starting my day.

It is also super easy to make: a cup of hot water and lemon.


I find lemon is a super powerful fruit. Great to use when you have stinky hands when cooking to deodorise by simply rubbing it into your fingers.

There are also so many health benefits: Vitamin C, great for bowel movement, antibacterial, supports the immune system and helps fight infections.

A lovely way to start every day by being kind to your body and tremendously soothing.



Ringana Fresh Date, our first wellness and fitness event!

Since studying biomedicine and nutrition a few years back, I always knew that I would do something in that arena at some stage whilst being so passionate about wellness.

I concocted various formats but could not quite figure out what it was going to be exactly until I came across Ringana. Yesterday was my first Ringana Fresh Date, all about wellness, fitness, sustanaibility and ethics!

What pure joy when you get to share your passion!  My daughter Clara joined me and was phenomenal whilst talking about sustainability, only 7 years old!

The first of many and I can run these pop up events anywhere in the UK so if you fancy a social gathering and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Zero waste!

The eco conscious Frenchies! 🤗

A friend of mine has set up this wonderful local business where you can refill your jars with fresh produce.

Zero packaging, zero waste, super tasty, just buy what you need and save money! 🌍

Of course this all comes with ouh la la service 🤩

A must visit if you live in the UK in the Milton Keynes area, you can visit the Facebook page with market days here: Facebook My Refill Market


Looking for inspiration: lovely vegan event in Shoreditch. Still a flexitarian though…

I am slowly trying to convert to veganism and have made a lot of changes already.

There is however no doubt that I am still a flexitarian (love this word! 😎). We all know however that the smallest changes can make the biggest difference!

I am therefore always on a quest for inspiration and visited a lovely vegan fair in London.

There was so much diversity in terms of the products on offer: clothes, drinks, sports and overall supplements, art, campaigns, cosmetics and of course food.

I have to say that so far I have not found a meat substitute which is pleasant to my pallet! I will not give up though… ☺️


So many stalls!


Having spent a lot of time in Japan, I am a huge fan of matcha and I am so happy that it has become a trend 🍃


Japanese food!

From a nutritional perspective, Japanese food is one of the healthiest you can eat. It can be so colourful, varied and beautifully flavoured. 🍱

I always encourage my children to sample  foods from around the world and thankfully this is one they love.


On a week end in Bournemouth with my favourite girls, my Mum and my daughter, we went to my favourite eating places: a traditional little Japanese restaurant called Miso.

Clara got the hang of chopsticks first time round!

Chocolate Workshop!

What?! I hear you say. Health & nutrition and you are promoting chocolate?

Well yes, despite the numerous conflicting messages around whether chocolate is good or bad for you, it does actually have some amazing properties. It really is all about moderation, this is so key. I am also not talking about the one you find on the high street packed with emulsifiers, flavourings and vegetables fats. This is about chocolate in it’s purest form, the one which takes your pallet on a journey, just like wine would. Dark chocolate for example is packed with beneficial minerals such as potassium, zinc, selenium and iron.


A colleague at work mentioned Linny Lane and her incredible chocolate workshops. As I went on to find out more, it so happened that she was looking for volunteers to take part in a photo shoot for her website! Needless to say that I jumped at the opportunity et voila! My little moment of fame in her gallery 😀

More details can be found here: Linny Lane Chocolate Workshops

Linny Lane has a complete love affair with chocolate. With years of expertise, an incredible passion and in the stunning surroundings of her home in Woburn Sands, she enables people to experience how to make chocolates in their purest form! I got to make my very own chocolate decorated patterned lollipop and sumptuous truffles! From tempering the chocolate to tasting, designing and taking away your creations, she offers workshops and parties in and around Milton Keynes.

These are my own amateur pictures but more beautiful professional pictures can be found on her website as per the link above.