I think most of us may be a little insane…

When we are young, we wish we were older. Once we are old enough, we wish every day of the week away longing for the week end and when we are old, we wish we were young again. 🤔

How about waking up just one day a week between Monday and Friday feeling so grateful to simply be, alive and everything that you have.

How much of a challenge would that be? Could be a refreshing change? 🤗 A small change can make the biggest difference! 🤩

You are the master…

A big part of feeling and being in charge of your life is positive thinking. You are after all the master of your own reality and it is not the events which dictate your life but how you react to them.

Imagine if you were to keep these powerful words below as a little tool box. It can also be quite useful to keep powerful words in sight and some like to frame their favourite quotes to always remind themselves of what is important to them.

Dale Carnegie is my hero author and I personally love this quote: “Big shots are only little shots who kept on shooting.”

Do you have a favourite quote? 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️


A healthier environment

Would you be prepared to commit to one small change to contribute to a healthier environment?

My latest small change has been to replace my cotton pads with recyclable ones. They come in a gorgeous little bag which you can tie on your towel rail. They are softer, bigger and quite obviously so much cheaper. Win, win, win! 🌸🍃

I got mine from my refill market based in Milton Keynes in the UK but they are becoming extremely popular if you do not live in the area.


Ringana Fresh Date, our first wellness and fitness event!

Since studying biomedicine and nutrition a few years back, I always knew that I would do something in that arena at some stage whilst being so passionate about wellness.

I concocted various formats but could not quite figure out what it was going to be exactly until I came across Ringana. Yesterday was my first Ringana Fresh Date, all about wellness, fitness, sustanaibility and ethics!

What pure joy when you get to share your passion!  My daughter Clara joined me and was phenomenal whilst talking about sustainability, only 7 years old!

The first of many and I can run these pop up events anywhere in the UK so if you fancy a social gathering and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Zero waste!

The eco conscious Frenchies! 🤗

A friend of mine has set up this wonderful local business where you can refill your jars with fresh produce.

Zero packaging, zero waste, super tasty, just buy what you need and save money! 🌍

Of course this all comes with ouh la la service 🤩

A must visit if you live in the UK in the Milton Keynes area, you can visit the Facebook page with market days here: Facebook My Refill Market


“Ringanising” with a fresh date!

Ringana is now touring the UK: Wellness, fitness, sustainability, ethics, vegan cosmetics, green technology and like minded people all under one roof!!

I attended in London and it was immensely exciting! If you want to start taking charge of your health, your impact on the environment and improve your overall wellness from head to toe, these events will leave you completely inspired to take action!

If you would like details of upcoming events, please free to email me: info.freshinandout@gmail.com



The deceit with labels in your cosmetics

Since having worked in the beauty industry, I have been horrified by the amount of deceit as a consumer when it comes to claims with beauty products!

The reason why it is a billion pound industry is because for the very large majority, they don’t work so we buy more and more and MORE… We keep on buying, trying and multi billion pound corporations are benefiting from our naivety and our well earned money.  Large corporations unfortunately spend all their money on marketing and celebrity endorsements rather than the quality of the products. It is no wonder that cosmetic surgery is booming.

So here are some ridiculous claims to look out for:


There is no regulation around the minimum amount required in a product therefore it could be as much as 0.01%. That would be the equivalent of you telling me you exercise every day to keep fit and in reality exercise 1 second a day!


Again, there is no regulation. It could therefore claim to be “clinically proven to reduce wrinkles” but that could be by 0.000000000001%. Erm, yes, quite clearly you would need a powerful magnifying glass to see any difference.


This does not mean that you will have no allergies; it means you could be less likely to have an allergy. If you are buying an expensive product and with the amount of chemicals and allergies present in cosmetics, you are quite clearly taking your chances.


Guess what… no regulation! It could be as little as 1% and the rest all synthetic. What a disgrace.


Yep, you know the drill by now, no legal regulation. Tested by a dermatologist yes but it could be on one person and what tests are we talking about?!


Sensitive to what? It may have soothing ingredients but I could be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients?

So basically all these claims have no validity, seriously, stop wasting your money. Don’t be fooled and be in charge!

 This is why I love Ringana so much.

100% active substances, 100% produced fresh on order, 100% philosophy and 100% transparent. No ridiculous ambiguous claims, simply pure fresh effectiveness and the products are all based on personal recommendations.

More details can be found here: www.freshinandout.com


Are you tired of feeling tired? Your morning routine: Part 2

Following on from part 1 which covered the importance of the night before, part 2 will cover the first few important minutes from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

For some, getting up in the morning is a chore, a likely big sigh first thing in the morning, hitting the snooze button, lack of energy, not wanting to get up and wishing it was the week end. We then reach out for our electronic devices, check the news which can lead to more doom and gloom and notifications deep diving into virtual reality.

How about making the most of your real reality and for just a few minutes, bathe in the fact that you are alive and well?

Isn’t it fascinating that we are constantly wishing time away, that we cannot wait for the week end and we cannot wait for those holidays until one day something happens or we grow old… age-2785015_1920

… is it that all the other days in your life will be made of endless dissatisfaction? 😦

How you set your day can have a significant impact on how you will chose to lead your time till dusk. It is not what happens that day which will determine your mood, it will be how you chose to react. If you set your day in a positive mood first thing in the morning, this is far more likely to help you deal with what the day will entail with a much more positive attitude.

You can start slowly with trying it out once a week and here are a few suggestions, you can try out one or all of them!

  • Take a couple of deep breaths
  • Stretch gently. If you are lucky enough to have a big bed, do the star fish pose!
  • Think of something you are grateful for (big or tiny, it is about what matters to you)
  • Leave your electronic device for the first few minutes of your morning. What is the worst that can happen?!
  • Put some music on
  • Sing
  • Think of something you could do in your day to look forward to (again big or tiny)
  • You could even go wacky! Shut yourself in the bathroom for 30 seconds and do a crazy dance!

Being kind to yourself first thing in the morning will mean that you are much more likely to be kind to yourself and others for the rest of the day…


Are you tired of feeling tired? Your morning routine: Part 1

Your day could be considerably better by making small changes which could for some make a significant difference!

Lack of sleep will affect your mood, energy levels and ultimately your skin as it is the time when everything regenerates.

Your morning routine should start the night before. How you fall asleep impacts the quality of your sleep and therefore will inevitably affect how you feel in the morning.


Do you watch and/or type on your Ipad, phone, computer just before bed time? Do you have to always be on top of notifications, texts, emails, watch one more episode or read one last chapter on your kindle?

Then you may want to consider making a couple of small changes.

Your brain very simply needs to be in off mode when you fall asleep but stimulating it means that it will be in on mode. It really truly deserves some peace time. It has worked for you ALL day being able to not only function as part of its daily tasks (walking, talking, reading, breathing, digesting .…) but also being able to respond to all the artificial means we have introduced (emailing, texting, social media, driving .…)

Below are the two culprits and what you could consider to reduce the impact on a lovely quality sleep.

Firstly, the information which gets to your electronic device does not come through magical means…


… but through electromagnetic radiation


More and more studies are showcasing the harmful effects of such radiations. Of course there HAS to be something pretty strong emanating from electronic devices for so much information to be delivered.


Secondly, the blue light emanating from your device causes your brain to get confused, as it mimics the brightness of the sun. This causes the brain to stop producing melatonin, a hormone that gives your body the “time to sleep” cues. The fact that manufacturers have introduced a function in your electronic device’s settings to turn the blue light off clearly demonstrates the recognition that it causes problems.



Simple solutions

1. Switch the blue light off at bed time: This feature will be in your settings and when done, will dim and tint your screen.   If you have difficulty finding it, you can easily google for your model with “turn blue light off”. You can even set an automatic daily timer so you don’t have to remember to do it.

2. Switch to airplane mode in your settings: The little airplane icon which I believe most people know of.

Now undeniably, habits are hard to break. The mind loves habits because it means it can be lazy and go on auto pilot, it is the known and the pattern.

Breaking a pattern can cause havoc with the mind, baby steps are therefore always a healthier option to give your mind some space to slowly introduce a new pattern.

If you are too used to “needing” to check notifications, you could therefore start by switching to airplane mode 15 minutes before you want to fall asleep and slowly increasing that time.

You could even eventually switch off altogether 15 minutes before.

During that time, you could introduce some slow breathing in bed, think of something you are grateful for, do some gentle stretching, massage your feet with a foot balm, listen to some soothing music… something gentle just FOR YOU, a means to be thankful and kind to yourself. A means to say thank you for ALL the things that your mind and body has done for you all day. And not just on that day but EVERY day since you came to life!



Bowls and fabulous nature activities at Hollington Wood

There were mainly older generations at this lovely bowls club in Stony Stratford but such truly lovely people and stunning grounds. It is actually a really complex but therapeutic activity. For an unusual time out, you can find more details here: Stony Stratford Bowls Club

The owner of this beautiful land opens his grounds for open days and it is full of natural activities for the children. On this occasion, the doors were open for us all to also admire the sensational display of bluebells. I noticed however how tall these were this year and the owner believes that it is all due to climate change… another sign highlighting how important it is for us to start making changes now before it may be truly too late.

If you live in the South East of England, I cannot recommend a day out in this beautiful ancient woodland. More details can be found here: Hollington Wood



Immersing your mind

I had forgotten how therapeutic it is to immerse yourself into creation. Whether it is baking, painting, drawing, collages, music and so much more, it really does allow your mind to drift away.

Clara and I worked together on a little art project and I loved it! It was not only being let lose with my imagination which gave me so much pleasure but it was also the fact that we needed to find ingenious ways of putting it together! 🤓

Best of all is of course being able to admire  the finished product, the “bouquet final” and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because you have made it with so much dedication and passion! 😍

I would live on this glorious patch!


Nail file surf board and paper clip bunting!


Washing line with crayons

Sandpit recycled container


Khao Lak, Thailand

Listening to the beautiful sounds of the jungle! 🍃



Sublime and sometimes unusual food 🍤


Nature gives us sensational means of transport 🏝

Living la vida loca! 🤸‍♀️


Consumed copious amounts of coconuts! 😎



Ringana travelled to Thailand of course, beautiful all natural body milk to soothe any redness for all the family ☀️ www.freshinandout.com



Beach companion 🦎


Who needs a swanky taxi 🏎



No messing with drizzle, we braved it though and the children loved it! 🤗💦



Sea turtle conservation area, poorly turtles being looked after 🚑


Made the mistake of going for a local Thai massage and felt like every bone, joint and muscle was getting broken in my body! 😵Opted for a soothing aromatherapy massage, by far the most stunning ritual I have experienced!!



Nearly time to return home…