You choose…

When you limit yourself, nothing happens. When you challenge yourself, you unleash your potential and can discover exciting opportunities, fresh ideas and of course that sense of elation having achieved something which may have seemed impossible! So, which one is it going to be… the choice is YOURS!


Life can be tough…

When faced with challenges, we often feel stuck, emotions running high and maybe even feeling vulnerable.

We however all too often forget everything we have overcome! If you find yourself stuck, remember what challenges you have overcome, and what you have used to do so to help you power up again.

Remember to keep sight of your awesomeness and tap in to those resources! 💫

The past belongs to the past…

A very interesting find, some of my grades at school: weak, disappointing, saddening, insufficient, MEDIOCRE! It is no wonder I grew up with self limiting beliefs and that I was simply not good enough.

I of course left school without knowing what the hell to do with myself. I however focused on my passion and strengths: communication and languages. I therefore decided to work as an au pair in Turkey where I learnt Turkish then landed an amazing job with a Japanese company, spent a lot of time in Japan and learnt Japanese. I am now studying an academic qualification at university in England whilst coaching executives and senior leaders so, up yours teachers!

The lesson: NEVER EVER let your past and others dictate your future.
We ALL have the potential within us!

You always have a choice…

Whist stuck in traffic, my daughter called my brother and said: “I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that we are stuck in traffic and the good news is that we will get there”.

There is such a valuable lesson here. When faced with a challenge, you have a choice to either take a positive or negative lens.

Stress, swear and moan OR be grateful that you are in a nice warm car whilst singing along to your favourite tunes…

How will you chose to ride the next wave?

You decide…

“I will do this when I have that”…. There are infinite possibilities as to why “that” may never happen and it is always worth considering what is truly stopping you from doing “that” now!


Something you body will love first thing in the morning…

I have started my day the same way for years now. With my body working hard regenerating overnight, I love to give it something to boost it before starting my day.

It is also super easy to make: a cup of hot water and lemon.


I find lemon is a super powerful fruit. Great to use when you have stinky hands when cooking to deodorise by simply rubbing it into your fingers.

There are also so many health benefits: Vitamin C, great for bowel movement, antibacterial, supports the immune system and helps fight infections.

A lovely way to start every day by being kind to your body and tremendously soothing.




I think most of us may be a little insane…

When we are young, we wish we were older. Once we are old enough, we wish every day of the week away longing for the week end and when we are old, we wish we were young again. 🤔

How about waking up just one day a week between Monday and Friday feeling so grateful to simply be, alive and everything that you have.

How much of a challenge would that be? Could be a refreshing change? 🤗 A small change can make the biggest difference! 🤩

You are the master…

A big part of feeling and being in charge of your life is positive thinking. You are after all the master of your own reality and it is not the events which dictate your life but how you react to them.

Imagine if you were to keep these powerful words below as a little tool box. It can also be quite useful to keep powerful words in sight and some like to frame their favourite quotes to always remind themselves of what is important to them.

Dale Carnegie is my hero author and I personally love this quote: “Big shots are only little shots who kept on shooting.”

Do you have a favourite quote? 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️