Life can be tough…

When faced with challenges, we often feel stuck, emotions running high and maybe even feeling vulnerable.

We however all too often forget everything we have overcome! If you find yourself stuck, remember what challenges you have overcome, and what you have used to do so to help you power up again.

Remember to keep sight of your awesomeness and tap in to those resources! đź’«

The past belongs to the past…

A very interesting find, some of my grades at school: weak, disappointing, saddening, insufficient, MEDIOCRE! It is no wonder I grew up with self limiting beliefs and that I was simply not good enough.

I of course left school without knowing what the hell to do with myself. I however focused on my passion and strengths: communication and languages. I therefore decided to work as an au pair in Turkey where I learnt Turkish then landed an amazing job with a Japanese company, spent a lot of time in Japan and learnt Japanese. I am now studying an academic qualification at university in England whilst coaching executives and senior leaders so, up yours teachers!

The lesson: NEVER EVER let your past and others dictate your future.
We ALL have the potential within us!

“Women in Rail” event

Whilst I work in the transport industry, I attended my first ever “Women in Rail” event, was unsure what to expect but it was absolutely FANTASTIC! The topic was “Empowerment and Self Confidence”. The event had a perfect blend of information without overloading, practical exercises, a great presenter, fabulous audience, tips to take away and a truly inspirational speaker. Added bonus: perfect venue and amazing canapĂ©s!! It has been a long time since I gave my undivided attention for two and half hours!


IMG_0116Pictures courtesy of Jan Sansi