Khao Lak, Thailand

Listening to the beautiful sounds of the jungle! 🍃



Sublime and sometimes unusual food 🍤


Nature gives us sensational means of transport 🏝

Living la vida loca! 🤸‍♀️


Consumed copious amounts of coconuts! 😎



Ringana travelled to Thailand of course, beautiful all natural body milk to soothe any redness for all the family ☀️



Beach companion 🦎


Who needs a swanky taxi 🏎



No messing with drizzle, we braved it though and the children loved it! 🤗💦



Sea turtle conservation area, poorly turtles being looked after 🚑


Made the mistake of going for a local Thai massage and felt like every bone, joint and muscle was getting broken in my body! 😵Opted for a soothing aromatherapy massage, by far the most stunning ritual I have experienced!!



Nearly time to return home…


Looking for inspiration: lovely vegan event in Shoreditch. Still a flexitarian though…

I am slowly trying to convert to veganism and have made a lot of changes already.

There is however no doubt that I am still a flexitarian (love this word! 😎). We all know however that the smallest changes can make the biggest difference!

I am therefore always on a quest for inspiration and visited a lovely vegan fair in London.

There was so much diversity in terms of the products on offer: clothes, drinks, sports and overall supplements, art, campaigns, cosmetics and of course food.

I have to say that so far I have not found a meat substitute which is pleasant to my pallet! I will not give up though… ☺️


So many stalls!


Having spent a lot of time in Japan, I am a huge fan of matcha and I am so happy that it has become a trend 🍃


Being recognised for your hard work and achievements

In my career, I have come across almighty terrible leaders and thankfully some of the best.

Whislt my current full time job is working as a Business Improvement Lead in the rail industry, I was recently invited to present my work at an event to senior leaders and executives. I cannot begin to describe how proud and elated I was on the day!

Recognition like this makes my engine rev up and truly inspires me to achieve more.

If you manage a team, it is vital to spend a little time celebrating successes! This will lead to better wellbeing, productivity and performance.

I was joined on the day by my lovely partner in crime to help me on this wonderful little journey. 😊


All natural really effective snuffles remedy

All too often, we immediately reach out to medicated products when we have a cold accompanied by an irritating cough.

I personally always try to tackle the bug with natural remedies initially. I have found this product to be so incredibly effective. Snufflebabe vapour rub is completely natural and very VERY cheap: £2.50! It is also fairly readily available in a large range of stores, Boots stock the range of products.


It contains eucalyptus oil, menthol and thyme oil. You can use it on babies as young as 3 months. Simply rub a little on the chest but very importantly on the sole of the feet and put some socks on at bed time. We often need some black and white scientific proof but just like reflexology, there is no scientific basis yet; like so much we still don’t know… All we do know is that it works.

I do this with both my children and it stops them from coughing in the night = better sleep = more speedy recovery = better immune system = throat less irritated during the day = natural healing.

Tiny on the wallet and BIG on health!


Celebrating diversity…

… in Camden, London! Whilst the children do not get a good flavour of how much diversity there is in and around us as we live in a small village, I took a more unconventional route to sightseeing!
There were mesmerised by the eccentricity on offer 😀


…Cyberdog in Camden, London




Random act of kindness…

… to brighten someone’s day!

Having lived in our village for 4 years, there is a beautiful little house which offers the most gorgeous display at Christmas time.

It provides so much enjoyment to the children every year as we have so many in our community. I therefore talked to the children about thanking the people who make this mammoth Christmas effort for us! Both Clara and Axel wrote these lovely cards and off we toodled to drop them off through the letterbox.

Funny how life works, as having never met them before, they so happened to arrive in their car as we approached their house. The children therefore got to hand them in person. Also having never met Christmas babies like Axel before, they so happened to have 47 year old Christmas twin daughters!

All so beautifully coincidental and they were most definitely very touched!


Birthday eco Great outdoors for Axel

A sensational little find! For a real farm experience with fantastic staff, close encounters with animals and a huge variety of activities, the Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm & Eco Centre is a perfect gateway for the whole day. Details can be found here.

Our son Axel had his birthday party there with all his besties and it was so refreshing to celebrate in nature!

Axel with no fear, holding the biggest of beetles.🙊


Discovery of FLOW…

… what a truly wonderful find!


On our way to Paris at the airport, we had lots of time on our hands. I was keen to find something to read but the only options available to me were the mind numbing magazines mainly packed with advertisements… until I stumbled upon THIS!

If you are looking for a fantastic read packed with ideas of “to do’s”, great interviews, lots to take away & keep and generally a real source of inspiration beautifully packaged then this magazine is so worth the investment.

If you want to slow down a little and take some time out with a really good read, I cannot recommend FLOW magazine enough.

More details can be found here: FLOW Magazine