I have been wanting to practice meditation for years and again had a complete misconception of what it actually entails.

I was given books and CDs whilst I thought I needed to get into a “zone” in order to be able to practice looking a little like this:



This felt like the complete opposite of what I was seeking, being an adrenaline junkie having too much fun doing things like jumping out of planes or DJing to ultra-loud bassy beats!

Fast forward a little, now having two children, a full time job and trying to deal to the best of my ability with what life throws at you, I was often feeling burnt out.

I really had this sense that I was continuously juggling too many balls and every now and again, the feeling of losing control and that all of these balls were hitting me over the head!

I then decided to embark on a mission to find out more about meditation. I tried apps, blogs and meditation classes, alas; I was still not convinced and did not feel any benefits from it.

I then stumbled across a book which changed everything. The reason for this is that it completely demystified meditation. Not only is it a compelling story but it really had me in fits of laughter at times!

It is the story of a famous news anchor who suffered from a panic attack on air in front of millions of viewers. This was the catalyst for him to needing to find a way to deal with his bouts of extreme anxiety. This book is written through the eyes of a complete sceptical who goes on journey continuously challenging those who practice and trying to find answers which made sense.

You can find out more with this short video which also captures that moment which turned his life around:

The book is called “10% Happier” by Dan Harris and I really cannot recommend it enough.


Lastly here is a short TED talk by Andy Puddicombe which is also truly inspiring: