We are often so self absorbed and have become so obsessed with always wanting more for ourselves that we all too often forget about others.

An act of kindness whether small or big can make such a difference to someone’s life. It does not have to translate into a mind blowing volunteering expedition, even just a smile can go such a long way and have a significant impact on someone.

There are so many values which I try and pass on to my children but kindness is on the top of my list.

The best person to describe kindness is this person: David R Hamilton PhD. After a fascinating journey from the pharmaceutical industry, he’s now a bestselling author of 8 books  and offers talks and workshops that use science to inspire – fusing neuroscience, the mind-body connection, kindness, and philosophical and eastern spiritual teachings.

David is so incredibly inspirational and in his own words, he says:  “Well, during my time in the pharmaceutical industry, I was fascinated by the placebo effect – how people improve through believing they are receiving a drug – so I began to study mind-body interactions in my spare time. I decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry after 4 years because I wanted to educate about the mind-body connection, help people to believe in themselves more, and spread a little more kindness in the world in my own way.”

Here is an article from his blog about kindness: The 5 side effects of kindness

There is also a fabulous book released by Jamie Thurston, founder of the incredible charity 52 lives, which I cannot recommend enough: 52 lives