So many of us live on auto pilot, confined to the world of digital age creating a virtual world which we feel we can no longer get away from. We no longer have the time to truly connect with each other, we are incessantly distracted from the reality that we live in, we find it hard to take time out for ourselves and we restrict ourselves to the world created by the cyber industry which seems to be imposed on us.


We count down the days, essentially our life, to our holidays so we can get away… but why not spice up our life to live it with excitement and variety?!


I strongly believe that variety is the spice of life in the true sense, whether we do something differently big or small, this is certainly something I live by. In fact, from a very early age and when I felt the need for change, I used to place my toys in different places after a period of time to create a new world in my own reality. As I grew bigger and stronger, I would lay out my room completely differently moving my furniture around. I then become braver and jumped on a plane to go and live in Turkey for 9 months when I was 18. I then travelled around the world thanks to my job as an air hostess being able to experience first class travelling (thanks to great concessions!) as well as backpacking in remote villages on the other side of the world. On my journey till today, I have sampled the world of hippies and us trying to put the world to right whilst listening to Indie pop, the fitness fanatics whilst I spent at least 3 hours of my day in the gym and kickboxing whilst listening to R&B, the raving scene in London being a DJ (aka DJ La Twinkle!), studying, roller skating and so much more… I LOVE new experiences!! This is what has shaped me to be the person that I am today.


Now this may not be for everyone, some prefer routine and security. Some are lucky enough to find a passion from a very early age and commit their lives to it resulting in extraordinary achievements.


I do think however that we all too often forget the child within us, our exploring abilities and the excitement from doing something different. This does not have to be anything big and now that I have a family with two small children, I can of course no longer just disappear to go on my own journey. I am however a firm believer that doing something a little out of the ordinary, a little eccentric and crazy can REALLY be exhilarating!


So this section is about my little crazy moments, whether small or big which may inspire you. This could be something as simple as waking up 10 minutes early and dancing to your favourite tune in the bathroom whilst having your shower rather than going through the usual auto pilot day. This could shape your day in a completely different way and who knows?… It may even open windows of opportunities which you may have not even thought of…