Is 100% actually 100%?


When purchasing vegan cosmetics, the claims are that the products have not been tested on animals. Every product is however made of individual ingredients which are sourced from a number of suppliers.

How do you know that those individual ingredients have not been tested on animals? You can’t unless the brand can guarantee and prove that they source suppliers who are 100% ethical.

You need a brand which is 100% transparent and Ringana has 100% philosophy.

Best of all, all their cosmetics are produced fresh on order and will never be found on high street shelves, they will simply be delivered to your door.

Because of their freshness and unique formulations, they are highly effective.

Because they are so effective, Ringana offers you the opportunity to discover the products in trial sizes.

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As part of their 100% philosophy, they work only with what nature has to offer and minimise their impact on the environment.

Little touches such as packaging derived from sugar cane, recycled boxes with printing from vegetable ink, adhesive made from natural rubber and soooooo much more can be found via the link above.