I have such a passion for coaching and recently completed my Masters level qualification at university.

PS: This is at the tender age of 45 having never been to university before and being absolutely rubbish at school (school reports stating that I was weak, lacked focus and was extremely disappointing). It is never too late and coaching played a big part in me overcoming self-limiting beliefs from my past!

So firstly, let’s demystify what coaching is.

It may therefore be a good place to start with what it is not.



A coaching session can take place face to face, on skype or via phone and it is a conversation which focuses in a nutshell on:

  • Where are you at?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How can you get there?

We have so many options open to us in life and sometimes we simply do not know which one is best. We also get entangled in everyday life resulting in any decision making even more difficult.


This is where coaching really helps as it enables you to see the bigger picture, often from a different perspective and to come up with your own solutions. This in turn helps you create an action plan with achievable short term and long term goals.

It therefore looks more like this as you find solutions to problems:


Additionally, it can help you manage stress and give you the confidence to think big opening up windows of opportunities which you had never thought of!

I will soon be offering coaching sessions for children and adults alike, more to come…