Are you tired of feeling tired? Your morning routine: Part 1

Your day could be considerably better by making small changes which could for some make a significant difference!

Lack of sleep will affect your mood, energy levels and ultimately your skin as it is the time when everything regenerates.

Your morning routine should start the night before. How you fall asleep impacts the quality of your sleep and therefore will inevitably affect how you feel in the morning.


Do you watch and/or type on your Ipad, phone, computer just before bed time? Do you have to always be on top of notifications, texts, emails, watch one more episode or read one last chapter on your kindle?

Then you may want to consider making a couple of small changes.

Your brain very simply needs to be in off mode when you fall asleep but stimulating it means that it will be in on mode. It really truly deserves some peace time. It has worked for you ALL day being able to not only function as part of its daily tasks (walking, talking, reading, breathing, digesting .…) but also being able to respond to all the artificial means we have introduced (emailing, texting, social media, driving .…)

Below are the two culprits and what you could consider to reduce the impact on a lovely quality sleep.

Firstly, the information which gets to your electronic device does not come through magical means…


… but through electromagnetic radiation


More and more studies are showcasing the harmful effects of such radiations. Of course there HAS to be something pretty strong emanating from electronic devices for so much information to be delivered.


Secondly, the blue light emanating from your device causes your brain to get confused, as it mimics the brightness of the sun. This causes the brain to stop producing melatonin, a hormone that gives your body the “time to sleep” cues. The fact that manufacturers have introduced a function in your electronic device’s settings to turn the blue light off clearly demonstrates the recognition that it causes problems.



Simple solutions

1. Switch the blue light off at bed time: This feature will be in your settings and when done, will dim and tint your screen.   If you have difficulty finding it, you can easily google for your model with “turn blue light off”. You can even set an automatic daily timer so you don’t have to remember to do it.

2. Switch to airplane mode in your settings: The little airplane icon which I believe most people know of.

Now undeniably, habits are hard to break. The mind loves habits because it means it can be lazy and go on auto pilot, it is the known and the pattern.

Breaking a pattern can cause havoc with the mind, baby steps are therefore always a healthier option to give your mind some space to slowly introduce a new pattern.

If you are too used to “needing” to check notifications, you could therefore start by switching to airplane mode 15 minutes before you want to fall asleep and slowly increasing that time.

You could even eventually switch off altogether 15 minutes before.

During that time, you could introduce some slow breathing in bed, think of something you are grateful for, do some gentle stretching, massage your feet with a foot balm, listen to some soothing music… something gentle just FOR YOU, a means to be thankful and kind to yourself. A means to say thank you for ALL the things that your mind and body has done for you all day. And not just on that day but EVERY day since you came to life!



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