All natural really effective snuffles remedy

All too often, we immediately reach out to medicated products when we have a cold accompanied by an irritating cough.

I personally always try to tackle the bug with natural remedies initially. I have found this product to be so incredibly effective. Snufflebabe vapour rub is completely natural and very VERY cheap: £2.50! It is also fairly readily available in a large range of stores, Boots stock the range of products.


It contains eucalyptus oil, menthol and thyme oil. You can use it on babies as young as 3 months. Simply rub a little on the chest but very importantly on the sole of the feet and put some socks on at bed time. We often need some black and white scientific proof but just like reflexology, there is no scientific basis yet; like so much we still don’t know… All we do know is that it works.

I do this with both my children and it stops them from coughing in the night = better sleep = more speedy recovery = better immune system = throat less irritated during the day = natural healing.

Tiny on the wallet and BIG on health!


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