“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius

More simplicity means more freedom and now, you may be wondering what this site is all about!

The posts in my blog are coming from a place where variety is the spice of life sharing new experiences but I am also an advocate for simplicity. If I can inspire someone to become freer and jump off the bandwagon of what they should be doing, be resourceful and start exploring what they could be doing, then awesome!🎊

Trying things out and being able to do it yourself allows for so much creativity, uniqueness, is empowering but can also save you money by being resourceful!💰

Everyone of us has so much potential waiting to be unlocked however we often find ourselves confined to being a certain way. We have also become addicted to consumerism.🤑

This has lead us to losing our sense of adventure and play, to be free to be whoever we want to be. We have also lost the desire and perhaps confidence to simply try things out for ourselves. Sometimes, it may seem too daunting or complicated. The reality is that you can do anything yourself whatever that might be. We too often see the end result when someone has gained the expertise in doing something. The reality is that everyone has to start somewhere.🤗

“You don’t have to be an expert to start but you have to start to become an expert”.😉

I will be sharing my insights and journey with it’s ups and downs as our family is going on a journey to live a more simple and sustainable lifestyle and “we can do it ourselves although we know nothing about it right now”. Being closer to nature, communities, play, being resourceful and using resources are part of this journey, all from tiny ideas to big projects.🤸‍♂️

It is all about small changes and this site comes from a place of authenticity. I am not an activist or a nomad, I am a simple kinda woman, a wife and Mummy of 2 children who is attempting to make small realistic changes to live a simpler, more natural and even more healthier lifestyle. And if I can inspire just one person to try something out for themselves or make one small change for the better, then that is phenomenal enough for me!🍃

Ultimately I am doing “my thing”. Some may love it, some not. But that’s OK, because just like it’s ok not to be ok, it is also ok for someone to not like what we do because we are all incredibly unique.🙏

I will be writing in my blog about:

  • Wellbeing in all its forms
  • Simplicity and do it yourself
  • Coaching
  • Eco friendly small changes you can make from now saving your time and money
  • Permaculture