“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius

More simplicity means more freedom and now, you may be wondering what this site is all about!

I think I may have fallen in the trap in the past of cloning myself into what others are doing. By that I mean that when you decide to do something of your own, there is without a doubt an element of fear. And so, we spend hours understanding what others have done, we get offered programmes and masterclasses to help us design our brand or content. Individuals and companies offer workshops to advise you on how you should communicate with others. They tell you to be niche, well, I am not niche, I love variety and thrive from it! I don’t want to lock myself down, ever.

And so we can end up with a never-ending check list which quite frankly can be confusing and potentially cost you thousands of pounds in money and precious time.

This site comes from a place of authenticity. I am ditching all past beliefs and simply writing about what I love and is important to me with various topics.

Ultimately some may love it, some not. But that’s OK, because just like it’s ok not to be ok, it is also ok for someone to not like what we do because we are all incredibly unique.

I am coming from a place where variety is the spice of life sharing new experiences but also an advocate for simplicity. If I can inspire someone to become freer and jump off the bandwagon of what they should be doing and start exploring what they could be doing, then awesome!

And so, whilst I am on a wonderful journey right now and would like to share my insights with you, I will be writing in my blog about:

  • Wellbeing in all its forms
  • Coaching
  • Simplicity and do it yourself
  • Eco friendly small changes you can make from now saving your time and money
  • Permaculture