“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius

Do you have goals but don’t know how, when or where to start? Do you start but then stop midway? Do you feel entangled in so many things, feel you have to perform and yet don’t feel that you are achieving enough? Then coaching can really help you develop your very own action plan with achievable steps to get you where you want to be.

My blog is aimed at anyone looking to achieve a more balanced lifestyle and ultimately make you feel and be in charge of any aspect in your life.

As a personal coach, I can help you define clearly what you want from life whether it be in your career, relationships or finances and support you to achieve it.

I also have a passion for health coaching which puts a particular focus on nutrition, lifestyle and your health which all contribute to your overall wellbeing.

There will be no diet or fitness plan, instead coaching will enable you to draft your very own action plan to fit in with your lifestyle. This in turn will help you create new habits to lead a healthier lifestyle. By allowing you to be realistic and inspired, these habits can last for a lifetime.

If there is one jargon word that sums up this whole blog and one we talk about a lot in nutrition which is true to everything in life, it would be “homeostatis”.

Homeostatis means equilibrium: balance


We juggle so many balls in our daily lives: our career, relationships, family, sleep, diet and the list goes on… We sometimes focus too much or not enough on one area of our lives, we also often have events all of which can throw the balance out! This can lead to stress and often confusion unable to understand what the next steps should be.

And again, this is where coaching can be so valuable and help you reach the right balance.

Added to that, you will also find topics such as mindfulness, meditation and kindness which all can play a very important role in our daily lives in line with leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I am currently offering a free one hour introductory coaching session.

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